Where Does Most Of The Dust In Your House Come From?


In case you have dust allergy, you might want to know how to get rid of all the dust that gather in your house. Even if you do not have dust allergy, too much dust can deteriorate the home quality.  Moreover, dust can make your house look unsightly.

The amount of dust in your home will depend on several factors such as the season, the place you live, and the number of people that live in your home says home duct cleaning services Toronto. Even though dust is complicated even to the researchers who spend time to study it, it is easy to get rid of it.

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Dust seems to appear out of nowhere.  At times, it might appear just after you are done cleaning. Fighting dust might seem like a never ending battle. Dust is actually a combination of particles from outdoors and indoors.  Check out some of the common components of dust.


Soil, Pollen, and Particulate Matter

Like mentioned by home duct cleaning services Toronto, most of the dust accumulates from outside. Pollen is known to be a well-known allergen.  This might come inside your clothes, shoes, and also hair.  When you move around your house, you’re actually spreading the pollen. This then floats in the air and also settles on the surface.  This is also the same for soil, particles of smoking, or some other contaminants that you know.

Dust Mites

Home duct cleaning services Toronto believes that microscopic pests which occur naturally and also thrive in a humid climate are dust mites. In case your home is abnormally damp or warm then it is possible that you have dust mites which are hiding in the bedding, curtains, or carpets.  As dust is made up of things such as pet dead skin and pet dander, the favorite snacks of the dust mites, the more dust, the more is the dust mite.

Pet Dander

Pet dander is actually tiny flecks of skins which are shed by the animals. This is another common allergen which you will find in dust.  Even if you do not own a pet, people who come to your house might have some pet dander on their clothes.  If pet dander comes into the air and settles down, it will lead to the collection of dust and dust mites. This will create more problems.

Dead Skin

It is pretty misconception that dust is usually the dead skin particles.  Even though this is true that dust can and usually contain dust skin, the percentage is not as big as people consider it to be says home duct cleaning services Toronto. In fact the dead skin which is floating around the house serve as the magnet for the dust mites.

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Food Debris

If you eat your meal in front of the living room television then you might easily spill few crumbs.  You have to clean up the food debris immediately to avoid problems.  Nonetheless, most of the times, the food particles that you drop is usually forgotten. Hence, it becomes a natural component of dust.

Insect Droppings and Insects

The fecal matter and the body parts of the insects, particularly cockroaches are usually found in dust.  In case you are allergic to cockroaches then it will only increase the problems. Cockroaches can infest your home even if it is clean.

If you have to get rid of the dust in the ducts then you can get in touch with a home duct cleaning services Toronto.

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