How is Commercial Drain service any Different?

There is an essential difference between commercial and residential servicing of drains. Apparently they are similar. But actually they are very different. Drain service Toronto cites a number of differences between the two. Commercial drain experience more stress, they get a much heavier flow, and their requirements also depends on their setting. A lot of garbage and chemical wastes might flow through commercial drains.

For commercial drains you need commercial plumbers as they know the difference in the service that such drains require. There are a lot of different properties and their requirements are different.

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Commercial Service

Commercial properties have a lot of different settings and all of them have regulations of their own. The settings are as follows

  • Food Outlets- A few things that every restaurant need their drains to do re, handle large amounts of water and wastes, they need working toilets for both their staff and customers, they need smooth drainage systems within their kitchen for washing utensils and preparation of food. They also need a grease trap. Drain service Toronto points out that a little problem in drainage can lead to a serious problem in the running of the business.
  • Fitness Centers- At most gyms, there are shower facilities for both men and women. Their drains should be able to handle the amount of usage efficiently. A number of showers might be used at once so the drains need to be in working condition. Building this shower facility will require experts. There are saunas and steam rooms, ice baths and hot tubs as well. All this needs good drainage.
  • Office buildings and apartments- Even if they don’t have to handle a lot of stress, they are bigger in size and have multiple drainage outlets. The system depends on how large the building is and how many floors and flats they are housing. Offices require a break area between the kitchen and the bathroom. Drain service Toronto can provide you with a number of experts who would look into the issue properly.

  • Hotels- Hotels house a lot of people, and have a lot of facilities within it, each room has a bathroom, suites often have a bathroom and a kitchen, there are restaurants within the hotel and they have a running kitchen so drainage is of utmost importance.
  • Hospitals and health centers- Healthcare centers have a more complex drainage system. Sanitation and hygiene are the two main aspects that mot hospitals and health centers are concerned with. According to drain service Toronto such settings require regular maintenance so as to ensure the safety of its patients.
  • Clubs and recreational centers- These places have spas, salons, pools, bars and what not. So many different kinds of drainage systems are involved in such facilities that only a professional can take care of its maintenance. Pools need proper drainage, spas and their many services always result in a lot of wastes. So a good drainage system is needed.

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Proper upkeep

Without proper maintenance commercial drains will stop functioning altogether. This can hinder good business. Keep your drainage system in check, and subject them to regular servicing. Drain service Toronto will cater to all of your plumbing needs. Make the call and let them do their job.



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