Choosing in Between Electric and Manual Comb Binding Machines

You will come across a wide range of comb binding machines in the market. These have number of features that can handle the on-site binding situation. One of the significant choices that you need to make when you consider buying binding machines whether it is an electrical or manual model is what is best for your comb bindings.  This is because of them has its own characteristics.

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What does Manual Comb Binding Machine has to Offer?

Even though manual binding machines do not have the speed of the electrical models, some of the people don’t prefer them because of the element of control that it offers when it creates the document. From another perspective, in case the business is new and every penny counts, you might find that the electricity cost is more manageable with the manual binding machine.

What is the Benefit of Electricity?

Electric comb binding machines are considered to be a popular choice for different reasons.  The most important reason of that it is pretty easy for the operators to run.  Since the operator isn’t using the arm for physically punching the holes, they will be able to run the machine for a longer period of time.  Additionally, what is produced is going to be of a higher quality with few missed punches as the operator will not have to hold the paper against the paper stop while moving the punch lever.

Horizontal and Vertical Feed Considerations

One of the primary advantages of electric comb binding is the vertical paper feed.   This configuration is going to use gravity for helping more easily to move paper down into the throat of Diem and to make sure that the sheets have been aligned. When the materials have been punched, the holes are going to be even with each other. This helps with the easy insertion of the binding materials.

In case of horizontal feeds, it might be difficult to line up the pages evenly.  At times, the bottom sheet doesn’t go along.  Hence, the entire document might miss out on the punch.  On the other hand, this feed is going to be great for larger documents. This is because large amount of paper fall over when it is set vertically that leads to mis-punching.  This will help to keep the stack properly aligned and stable during the punching and the feeding process.

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What to Look for in Electric and Manual Machines?

Irrespective of whether you opt for electric or manual, you need to check out particular features to make sure that you have high quality machines.

  • In case you will be using different sizes of paper, you need to ensure that the machine will be able to handle this.
  • Make sure that the dies can be disengaged so that you are able to set up the best punching pattern for your requirement. When you move the dies, it will help in making sure that you do not have partial or half holes at the end of the document.
  • You should also look for the control which will allow you to alter the depth of the punch margins. This is the space in between the edge of the paper and where you are going to punch the wholes.
  • The comb opener of the machine has to be metal and not plastic. It has to be durable enough to handle comb bindings.

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